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With a background in contemporary narrative, an education in visual communication, and an obsession with cinema, Alain has moulded himself over a number of years into a director capable of creating work with compelling stories and immersive visuals that pair together to form content that is both powerful and efficient. He always aims to treat every shot like a work of art while still serving as a vehicle to carry the story forward. Having also spent a lot of time being his own cinematographer and editor, Alain knows what it takes within the various creative departments to form a cohesive end product.




With over 15 years experience, Dirk has built a mountain of skills when it comes to plying his trade as director. From huge events to tiny, intimate settings, he has a true knack for capturing emotion. His ability to work effortlessly with people allows him to unearth their unique truths and beauties within every production, be it with actors or non-actors. Which explains why he’s such a great dad. Dirk also has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to all the various facets of a production, and could comfortably run an entire big budget project by himself. But he won’t, because he cares too much about letting the rest of the team have a role.

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